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Member in excellent standing since 1981.

“Greenberg Chiropractic was a wonderful experience for me.  Prior to the start of my lower back pain  I had never been a patient of chiropractic care. Dr. Greenberg and her assistants were very helpful in providing me with educational materials to help me understand what was happening. When I first went to see Dr. Greenberg I had intense lower back pain. It kept me from sleeping at night and doing most activities that I used to do on a regular basis. After just one month of regular treatments from Dr.  Greenberg  I was able to do all of the activities that I enjoyed before. The treatments were  pain free  and very quick and easy. Dr. Greenberg was very accommodating to my schedule and that helped to a quick recovery. Due to my active lifestyle I get monthly treatments to maintain the health of my lower back. Thanks to Dr. Greenberg I now enjoy every day!”
Jamie R.

“Just wanted to thank you for getting my body back on track! I was totally uninformed about the art of chiropractic healing. I felt that your approach was professional and concerned. As pleased as I was with my treatment, I was equally impressed with your concern and efforts to address other health questions.”
Alex R.

“Chiropractic care at Greenberg Chiropractic has dramatically improved my life and health. I have an active lifestyle with hard work and sports and as I’ve gotten older I tend to get injured more easily. Dr. Greenberg is always there to put me back together and get me back in the game. In my experience there is no reason to put up with pain or discomfort in your back or neck and I would highly recommend the services at Greenberg Chiropractic Care. Check it out, you’ll be glad you did!”
Gary F.

“I had suffered with migraine headaches for nearly twenty years, trying different medications which did nothing for my pain and caused stomach problems for me. I decided to try chiropractic care and I can’t tell you enough about the fantastic results. I rarely get migraines now, and when I do, they are much less severe and I can actually function! Thanks to chiropractic treatments, I have a normal life and would recommend to any migraine sufferers to consider chiropractic.”
Jan H.

“I had upper back and neck pain for approximately five years before seeking chiropractic care with Dr. Greenberg. I had received physical therapy for the problem but it wasn’t enough to cause improvement. I have had chiropractic care for a little over a year and have noticed some improvement in pain symptoms. I would definitely recommend Dr. Greenberg to others looking for chiropractic. She is very professional as well as caring.”
Kevin G.

“I first went to Dr. Tina to relieve a neck pain, which she did very well. Have been going to keep my neck and back in a healthy alignment since, she also recommended a round pillow for sleeping which was very helpful. Her way of treating the whole person is great!! Thank you!”
Vicky F.


“Me go to a chiropractor? That’s nonsense! Well at age 27, reality set in…Never having visited a chiropractor for care, I began to realize that my aching lower back and pain in my neck was not about to go away. This all began to change when I met Dr. Greenberg. Even from the first visit, Dr. Greenberg’s knowledge and caring attitude really became evident. Immediately, the typical anxiety of first time experiences subsided, as I began to realize how simple the adjustments and treatments were. If I had only rejected those excuses and silly ideas about chiropractors, I could have been free of back pain long ago! After only 2 months, the back pains have gradually diminished, and I look forward to a pain-free lower back very soon. Thank you Dr. Greenberg and staff for your expertise, friendship, and genuine desire to help people reach pain-free and optimal health.
David A

“I started having low back pain a couple years ago. I remember it as being a mild pain. I didn’t know anything about chiropractic and I have never been to anyone for this low back pain. But what I do know is that I’m not in pain anymore. The treatment was very comfortable but hearing my spine crack was weird. But it helps to come in, it keeps my back from hurting. I would recommend chiropractic to anyone because it has helped me.”
Chris B.

“I would like to thank you for your professionalism and friendship over the past year. After the four car pile-up Grandma and I were involved in Dec. 18, 1999, our world was turned upside down. You helped us through a very trying time and guided me to the right people to get both Grandma and myself back in shape. Your circle of professional   contacts were excellent and I always felt that I was in the best of hands and doing the right thing to get better. Since the accident, Grandma was bed-ridden for two months, she is still suffering some since she is 81 years old, but she is lucky to be alive. Because I have been her primary caregiver for over six years, helping me get better directly helped her as well. She is much better now though and her spirits are high again. We will hopefully enjoy a much nicer holiday season this year. Myself, being a ballroom dance instructor, singer and actor, your care has been crucial to pursuing my dream and this coming January, I will be out in Hollywood performing and auditioning for 200 of the top industry people from around the world. It is the equivalent of an entertainer’s Olympics. I could not have pursued this without your help, as I was unable to even audition locally in the early part of the year. I am also back to dancing and teaching regularly without pain and my strength is almost back to where I was before the accident. I will be taking two of my students with me to our first pro-am dance competition in February. Thank you so much for continued guidance and putting up with my busy schedule. You’re the best and I would never hesitate to recommend you to anyone needing chiropractic care. I will also add that your assistants have been just as helpful and professional and I’d like to thank them as well for their dedication to making your business more than just a doctor’s office, but a visit to a place that really cares.
Michael B.

“I am a restaurant manager and I also have a part-time job working in another restaurant. I have an employee who was experiencing lower back problems so I suggested that he visit your office. Since referring him I was able to receive a consultation from Dr. Greenberg. I must admit, I was a little reluctant since I have no problems. Dr. Greenberg explained to me that I needed some adjusting with my lower back. She then also measured my feet and noticed that I need new insoles and shoes. Since visiting her office and receiving the adjustments and purchasing new shoes and insoles, my back feels about ten years younger.”
Andy G.

“I came to Dr. Greenberg for severe neck pain. I hadn’t slept in about two weeks. Within about a week I was able to sleep all night again... I would recommend her to anyone needing help with back pain.”
Leo S.

“The chief symptom I came into Greenberg Chiropractic Care was a popping noise and aching in my mid-back a couple times a week. Since I started care my condition has gone from fair to good. Right now I feel that my improvement is about an 8 out of 10. My symptoms have improved so much that I have very little aching and the popping is less noticeable. I feel more relaxed, more alert and I sleep much better. Since I started chiropractic I find it easier to stand, sit and lift. I do intend to continue care to avoid problems in the future. And when I have the opportunity to refer someone to Dr. Greenberg I intend to do so.
Matt K.

For years I have suffered chronic back pain and pain in my left heel. I came to your clinic out of desperation. My body felt bound and I was almost frantic from pain. So I agreed to give your clinic a try. Of Course I was completely skeptical and admittedly not very comfortable or relaxed. So as the treatments progressed and I began to experience relief from the pain I finally relaxed (trusted) and allowed your skillful hands to truly heal me. I can’t believe the flexibility in my body or that my left heel can tolerate significant pressure. I want to let you and all your future clients know that you are truly gifted and that the healing will happen when your clients allow you to care for them.
Bob C.

“Before I came to chiropractic care I was very uncomfortable. My lower back was really sore and all the muscles around my pelvis were tight and in spasm. I was experiencing these symptoms for a week before I came to Dr. Greenberg. The chiropractic care was wonderful for me. Dr. Greenberg would let me know what to do at home to be comfortable and also at school. I would for sure recommend Dr. Greenberg to others because she is a great individual and is more than willing to go out of her way to help you and get you back into your everyday activities.
Kate E.

“Following a work related MVA injury, I came to Dr. Greenberg’s office for chiropractic care from the referral of my past chiropractor, who had left her practice. Dr. Greenberg and her staff were very patient, compassionate and wonderful at explaining my treatment plan, as I was apprehensive about being manually manipulated. My previous chiropractic care included the use of an activator, not hands-on manipulation. I was amazed at how much more movement in my spine I gained. I believe I can even see a visible change, in the mirror, of the curvature of my spine. Dr. Greenberg made a difficult and anxiety producing accident much more bearable and I can thankfully say I feel wonderful.
Ann T.

“I came in because of neck pain. The pain was caused by a car accident I was in. After the mishap I came right into the office. Dr. Greenberg fixed my muscles and made my pain go away.”
Aaron F.

“I was in a car accident on September 13th where I was rear-ended. I suffered from low back pain and leg numbness. I also suffered from some neck pain and general stiffness. I was much less moile bending, doing a lot of movements, and could not do as much as I was used to – housework, cleaning, exercising, etc. After a number of treatments, my mobility and range of motion has increased and my pain and numbness has disappeared almost completely. I would recommend chiropractic care and Dr. Greenberg in particular. Her kindness, caring and effective treatments make her an outstanding chiropractor and caregiver.
Joy S.

“When I came to you three months ago, I couldn’t bend, lift, reach or even sit without severe pain and spasms in my hip and leg. Now I’ve recovered to the point that I just finished painting my mother’s kitchen (including the ceiling!) with no recurrence of my pain. I’m really happy to have this problem resolved without drugs or surgery. The adjustments you did to my spine were not painful and I always felt better when I left your office than I did when I arrived. I enjoy the professional yet friendly atmosphere you create and I especially appreciate the affordability of your treatments. I’m really glad I found you and I will definitely recommend you to my friends!
Linda P.

“I met Dr. Greenberg accidentally, before our meeting I have never been to any chiropractic clinic. For the last 15 years I have had a very hard form of asthma. My breathing has been totally dependent on steroid inhalers for several years now. Without them I get severe asthma attacks and they prevent me from breathing. My asthma attacks would take its worst form during the night. However, the side effects from taking steroid medication are horrible. After I started taking it I developed frequent headaches, my “normal” blood pressure went high, I developed an early form of eye cataracts, all of these side effects are only due to the steroids that I can’t live without. When I met Dr. Greenberg she took my disease very seriously. She approached it very professionally. Her different kinds of massage and therapy release my nerve that was squeezed between my vertebral discs. That nerve is connected to my lungs and its release made my breathing much easier. As a result I have significantly cut down my steroid medication dosage without affecting my breathing process, my headaches are now almost gone, and my blood pressure went down and returned to its normal healthy level. Every day I can’t stop thanking God for giving me an opportunity to meet Dr. Tina Greenberg, who reduced my required steroid medication dosage and gave me new hope in this life. I recommended Dr. Greenberg to  many of my  friends.  Faina Z.
“I feel I got very good treatment from Dr. Greenberg and staff. Many different things were tried with good results. I always got good suggestions on how to improve my daily well-being. I would not hesitate to recommend Dr. Greenberg to anyone who was looking for a qualified chiropractor. I plan to continue care on an as needed regime.”
Arlene J.

“I have had back trouble for many years. I worked as a forklift driver and warehouse person many years ago. My back started giving me serious problems at that time. I had had many injuries to my back as a young person as well. I even became bedridden with back problems for quite a long time. This was about 26-27 years ago. I started chiropractic treatment with the recommendation of a co-worker. I went to that chiropractor for over 20 years but could never get my strength back and I ended up stopping working for almost 18 years or so. I had tried bed rest, pain pills, muscle relaxers, therapy, and braces. And the most I could do was work part-time or for a year or so then my back would go out. Dr. Greenberg was able to help me with the change in technique she used on my neck and shoulders. My neck and shoulders generally would cause me to be unable to work because of the severe pain and blinding headaches I would get. I do therapy in the swimming pool for my lower back strength. Dr. Greenberg is kind and helpful, cheerful, has flexible hours which make it possible to be able to come to see her. I have now been working over three years and for a while even two jobs. I would recommend Dr. Greenberg to others and have done so on several occasions. Her and her staff are always cheerful and kind and eager to help in any way they can. She is a super lady!
Bess D.

“I first came to Dr. Greenberg in February of 2002 seeking help for lower back pain and chronic neck pain. I had been seeing another chiropractor in the area for these symptoms since the previous May, but due to a change of insurance I needed to seek a new doctor. While I didn’t think so at the time, this ended up being a blessing in disguise. Finding Dr. Greenberg was one of the luckiest occurrences that had ever happened to me. She was the first chiropractor I had gone to who appeared to truly be concerned for my well- being and made sure I understood everything she did and was planning on doing for me. Before finding Dr. Greenberg I had tried other chiropractors, acupuncturists and massage therapy. While these gave temporary relief, none seemed to truly help my situation. After being under Dr. Greenberg’s care for the past four months I have noticed a good amount of improvement. And, despite a minor setback due to a car accident in April, she has helped me tremendously. Her caring bedside manner and knowledge about what I am going through and how she can help is invaluable. She has helped me believe that with long-term care and a bit of lifestyle adjustment I’m going to get through this and that’s the greatest news I’ve heard yet! I would definitely recommend Dr. Greenberg to others because her office is welcoming and prompt, and I believe in the way she goes about her treatment process.”
Heidi G.

“After my car was struck by another vehicle on the highway I was suffering from whiplash and sought chiropractic care with Dr. Tina Greenberg. Aside from being highly recommended, Greenberg Chiropractic was most convenient, being located at Miracle Mile. Chiropractic Care was definitely the right way for me to go. I felt immediate relief after only a few visits. Dr. Greenberg is not only a professional woman, she is also very accommodating to all of her patients. Aside from the excellent care I received, the way that Dr. Greenberg explains everything so thoroughly is very much appreciated.”
Miryam H.

“I had very bad headaches and that is why I came. Before I came I had headaches for about a year or longer. I have had many results and I no longer get headaches. Yes, I would recommend Dr. Greenberg because she really know what she is doing and is very nice.”
Sarah B.

“I wasted a week after the accident before admitting my neck pain wasn’t going away, my co-worker referred me to Dr. Greenberg. After a few months of therapy, icing and stretching exercises I have virtually no pain in my neck. I like the fact that if there is ever a time when my neck does hurt, I have the knowledge to take care of myself at home. It’s always a pleasant experience coming to the office too! I would highly recommend Dr. Greenberg, she is so friendly and professional. I always leave feeling great. She has a wonderful staff too!”
Karen G.

 “I have had a degenerating skeletal issue for quite a while along with osteoarthritis. One year ago I had knee surgery which forced me to use muscles in the wrong way leading to much body misalignment and pain. I was not happy with my surgeon’s negative feelings regarding P.T. I sought the skills of Dr. Greenberg to help realign my spinal column, bring more circulation to damaged tissues and recommend a P.T. who could give me exercises for strengthening and flexibility…I now need spinal adjustments less frequently and the combination of all my efforts has paid off. I continue to attend a health club and visit Dr. Greenberg periodically. She is an empathetic professional who will “bend over backwards” to make a patient feel better. I would highly recommend her services.”
Rochelle S.

“I sought chiropractic care for my sciatic problem and general low back discomfort. I’ve had this problem for a number of years off and on. I have had good luck with chiropractic care in the past. Dr. Greenberg’s treatment has been very helpful and positive for my symptoms and overall better health. Today I am pain free, with more energy and flexibility. Beyond what I had expected from Dr. Greenberg’s care I have also benefitted from a better protein diet as well as increased water intake. Both of which gave me more energy. Also, we managed to ward off what was gearing up to be a nasty sore throat, bronchial problem through acupressure. Over all my experience has been nothing but positive. I will continue to choose Dr. Greenberg for my health care and recommend her services without hesitation.
Pam L.